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We strive to provide the best care for you and your family.

Appointments are recommended. 

Same day appointments are honored when available.

Eye Test, glasses exam, contact lens exam, can't see, vision test

 Comprehensive Eye Exam 

  • Eyeglass prescription and eye health evaluation

  • DMV vision examination

Contact Lens Solution

 Contact Lens Exam 

Contact lens fitting and prescription, including eye health evaluation

Yellow Roller Coaster

 Vacation Saver Package 

Prompt replacement of forgotten, lost, or broken glasses or contact lenses when visiting Orlando with our state-of-the-art in-house lab

Children's Eye Exam

 Children's Eye Exam 

  • Vision evaluation for need for eyeglasses or contact lenses

  • Recommended before beginning the next school year

Doctor's Appointment

 Medical Office Visit 

  • red/pink eye

  • allergies/itchy eyes

  • infection/discharge

  • inflammation/stye

  • foreign body removal

  • scratched eye

  • pain/irritation

  • sudden vision loss/blur

  • double vision

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 Diabetic Eye Exam 

  • Specialized testing to monitor for diabetic retinopathy

  • Co-management with family physician and endocrinologist for diabetes or pre-diabetes

Putting Eye Drops

 Dry Eye Therapy 

  • Evaluate for underlying cause of dry eyes

  • Regular follow ups for maintenance and management of treatment plan

  • Popular options include eyelid hygiene treatments, medicated eyedrops, and punctum plugs

Shared Office

 Digital Eye Strain 

  • Vision evaluation for best treatment to remedy blurred, tired, painful eyes or headaches after prolonged use of a computer, tablet, cellphone or other near work

  • Popular options include blue light blocking lenses or reading glasses

Woman Having Eyes Examined

 Glaucoma Management 

  • Specialized testing for diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma

  • Co-management with specialist if indicated

  • Regular follow ups are required to maintain treatment plan and monitor eye pressure 


 Cataract Management 

  • Evaluation of cataracts by establishing the cause and type

  • Monitor progression through in depth ophthalmoscopy


 Macular Degeneration   Management 

  • Specialized testing to evaluate for early, moderate, or late signs of macular degeneration, the type (dry/wet) and implementation of management plan

  • Co-management with specialist if indicated

Plastic Surgery

 Refractive Surgery Coordination and Co - Management 

  • Evaluation for LASIK surgery candidacy, or other refractive surgery options

  • Coordination of care with Orlando's best refractive surgeons

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