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Vacation Saver Package

Yellow Roller Coaster

Each year, Orlando consistently welcomes over 60 million visitors. Vacationers span domestic to international site-seers, and sometimes, in the fury of packing for a trip, you might have forgotten to pack those extra contact lenses. Or you left your glasses on the night stand at home. For many thrill seeking visitors, the eyeglasses and sunglasses have accidentally flown off during a loop on a roller coaster. Whatever the case may be, we are here to help you speedily replace your glasses or contact lenses. For most prescriptions, our on-site lab can make your glasses in less than an hour so you can continue on your vacation without losing sight to see all the spectacular offerings of Orlando. Sunglasses can also be made same day if you choose. Site to See also keeps stock contact lenses to get you back to the park to enjoy your vacation.

Conveniently located behind Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom on Reams Road, Windermere, Florida, near Floridian Place, we are a short drive away. Do not worry if you do not know what your prescription is because the doctors at Site to See can perform a refraction to find your numbers. Appointments are preferred but not necessary. We welcome you to walk in any time. Do not let blurry vision put a damper on your trip, come visit us today!

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