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Medical Office Visit

Doctor's Appointment

It's happened to all of us -- we expect a typical routine day that sometimes does not go according to plan. The eye may have:

  • red/pink eye

  • allergies/itchy eyes

  • infection/discharge

  • inflammation/stye

  • foreign body to remove

  • scratched eye

  • pain/irritation

  • sudden vision loss/blur

  • double vision

We’re here to help—you don’t have to deal with eye irritation alone. Flushing the eye out with water, or instilling any type of eyedrops you find in the medicine cabinet, may not always be the solution. The eye doctors at Site to See is committed to hearing your concerns and providing you with a personalized solution. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the best technology to help diagnose and manage many eye conditions. Our Maestro Robotic Ocular Coherence Tomography and Color Fundus Imaging can present high resolution multimodal renderings of the fundus to aid in diagnosing conditions ailing the front of the eye, such as keratoconus, as well as the back of the eye to detect bleeds, retina detachment, or metabolic deposits that may suggest the presence of systemic diseases. The retina, the inner layer of the eye, can bleed differently from varying eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy and hypertensive (high blood pressure) retinopathy. Cholesterol, thyroid, and even Covid, can present signs in the eye. If caught early, treatment can be initiated to save the vision from further compromise. Our Optopol Visual Field Analyzer can help detect peripheral or central vision loss due to blunt trauma, cholesterol related strokes, ocular migraines, in addition to glaucoma evaluations. Eye infections involving the orbit of the eye or eyelids, abrasions, scratches, inflammations and styes can be diagnosed and treatment initiated by using our Haag-Streit Slit Lamp, an industry leader in optometric instruments. There are many ailments that may cause a person to not see well or make their eyes feel discomfort.


The team at Site to See are here to help you investigate and form a plan of action towards healing. 

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